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CanaDream offers fantastic value to anyone who loves the convenience and comfort of RV traveling. Many of our RVs are now on sale at discounted prices as we are continually upgrading our inventory.

This is a unique opportunity to buy premium RVs at bargain prices. Why buying our RVs are great for your bottom line.



2015 Pleasure-Way Excel

CanaDream is proud to be the only dealership in North America to have the 2015 Pleasure-Way Excel on our fleet this season. The Excel is an economically sensible camper with a beautifully hand-crafted interior allowing you to travel in comfort and style.


Click to play Pleasure-Way's video on their commitment to craftsmanship




Choose From 1,000 Units

Every unit in our guest fleet is available for sale, whether it was purchased yesterday or back in 2011. With such a large selection, we're sure to have a number of units on hand that will perfectly fit what your customers are looking for.